New Year, New Tiles: Your 2020 Tile Inspiration

marble tiles

Looking to carry out those home improvement projects in the early months of 2020? Well, you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve pulled together our favourite tile trends of the moment to give you some tile inspiration.

Luxury Lappato Finish

A Lappato, or a semi-polished, finish is a great way to add luxury elegance to your space. Their semi-gloss appearance creates a striking look that is ideal for accentuating specific areas of your room or home. Lappato finish tiles create an especially dramatic impact when used in hallways to draw people into your home and set the luxury ambience for the rest of the home.

Our collection of Yosemite Tiles with a lappato finish are a perfect way to master this tile trend. Combining the contemporary semi-polished finish with the traditional appearance of wooden flooring creates a chic and stylish, yet warm and welcoming ambience. Just take a look at the spectacular impact they create in this living space!

lappato finish wood effect tiles

Yosemite Lappato Finish Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles are ideal for opening up a space and creating an aspirational, elegant atmosphere. Their larger size combined with few grout lines also helps to create the illusion of space and depth in any size of room to further add to their dramatic style.

Cityscape Smoke Porcelain Tiles

Cityscape Smoke Porcelain Tiles

Large format tiles are also perfect for creating versatile patterns or features as shown in the above image where a combination of colours and sizes are used to create a unique, timeless bathroom that perfectly frames the bathroom suite.

Mosaic Tiles

From the large to the little, mosaic tiles are a tile trend we can’t wait to see evolve in 2020. From rustic natural stone to glistening glass, mosaic tiles are perfect for creating large impact statements. Whether you opt for a full feature wall in a bold shade or a stunning kitchen island or splash-back, our mosaic tiles are guaranteed to have a big impact.

Choose from square, oblong or hexagonal mosaics and a range of colours to adapt this timeless tile trend to your style. Just check out the multi-tonal Lava Silver Stick Mosaic Wall Tiles which create an opulent ambience when used as a feature splash-back.

Lava Silver Stick Mosaic Wall Tiles

Lava Silver Stick Mosaic Wall Tiles

Brick Tiles

Looking for a tile that will out-last passing trends yet still create a contemporary, stylish look? Then brick tiles are the perfect choice!

Taking inspiration from subway and underground stations, brick tiles are a long-standing staple of the interior design industry and are a go-to tile if you’re looking for style and substance. Just like mosaic tiles, brick tiles are perfect for creating a statement wall or feature and ooze versatility thanks to their range of finishes and colourways.

Lava Tanzania Brick Wall Tiles

Lava Tanzania Brick Wall Tiles

The Lava Tanzania Brick Wall Tiles add depth and opulence to this kitchen thanks to their glazed stone finish. However, the neutral shades and minimalist brick layout ensure they don’t overpower the room and compliment the worktops and accessories.

Marble Tiles

Nothing quite matches marble for creating majestic, elegant aesthetic. In fact, we think the Como Lappato Finish Porcelain Tiles say it all in the below image!

Como Lappato Finish Porcelain Tiles

Como Lappato Finish Porcelain Tiles

Whether you opt for real marble or marble effect tiles, you can create sublime looks that ooze elegance and sophistication.

You can shop all of these leading tile trends and many more with our tiling retailers. Simply browse our products, select your dream tile and find a retailer near you.