Bringing The Outdoors In: How To Perfect Natural Decor

Full Circle Yosemite Wood Effect Tile - Shell, Natural Finish

Spring is well and truly on its way and it’s got us all embracing the great outdoors and seizing new beginnings. Why not bring the outdoors in with our top tips on how to incorporate natural decor in your home.

Ways To Perfect Natural Decor

Mosaic Tiles

Stone mosaic tiles can always be relied on to add a rustic, authentic atmosphere to any room. Take the Harlequin Brick Mosaic Tiles for example. Their natural, pastel colour tones and tumbled finish mimics natural brick to provide stunning natural beauty. Meanwhile, the minuscule brick mosaic design makes them incredibly versatile yet full of character.

Brick mosaic tiles can look especially authentic in kitchens and conservatories to create the illusion of bare exterior walls.

brick mosaic tiles

Harlequin Brick Mosaic Tiles

Slate Tiles

Whether you opt for real slate or slate effect, the rustic texture and rich slate colour will add a natural beauty to any room.

Milano Trinity Mosaic Floor and Wall Tiles

Milano Trinity Mosaic Floor and Wall Tiles

The Milano Trinity Mosaic Floor and Wall Tiles create a bold statement thanks to their dark, slate colour scheme and natural stone texture. Meanwhile, the blend of 3 sizes of basalt natural stone creates a rustic, quirky design feature that oozes character.

Bring The Outdoors In

Let’s step away from the tiles for just a moment and focus on how your accessories can help you ace natural decor.

It may be an obvious one, but the stunning effect of adding plants to your room can never be understated. Just look at how the splash of greenery sets this bathroom alive. It also adds a dash of colour that works well when contrasted with the dark tones of the Dahli Grey Brick Mosaic Tiles. 

Dahli Grey Brick Mosaic Tiles

Dahli Grey Brick Mosaic Tiles

Greenery is especially effective in bathrooms, helping to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere that transports you away from the stresses of everyday life.

Wood Effect Tiles

The natural tones and lifelike knots and grooves of wood effect tiles are perfect for creating a natural aesthetic. Aptly named, the Yosemite Wood Effect Tiles create a natural yet warm vibe in living areas that replicates the tranquil yet thriving character of the national park after which they are named.

Yosemite Natural Finish Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

Yosemite Natural Finish Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

Take your natural decor one step further by combining the wood effect tiles with greenery and cool grey tones as is done so beautifully in the bathroom above.

Natural Stone Tiles

Muddy footprints and all, the Cathedral Antiqued Limestone Floor Tiles truly master natural decor thanks to their rustic, flagstone format, natural markings and neutral grey shades.

Cathedral Antiqued Limestone Floor Tiles

Cathedral Antiqued Limestone Floor Tiles

These natural stone tiles are especially effective at bringing the outdoors in when they follow on from outdoor flagstones, giving the impression of a seamless continuity between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Perhaps ask people to wipe their feet though, we don’t really want to bring the outdoors in!

We hope we’ve given you some natural decor inspiration that truly puts a spring in your step. Browse our products now to get your indoor spaces looking as good as the spring season feels!