Expand Your Space: How To Style Large Format Tiles

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In modern day society we spend a lot more time at home. Whether it’s home exercising or home working, our houses take on many different roles and I think we can all agree that we often wish we had a little more space. While we can’t offer you any extra room, we can help you maximise your space as much as possible using large format tiles and some clever design tricks.

How To Style Large Format Tiles

Statement Style

Maximum size + dramatic designs = the ultimate statement style!

Nothing quite makes a statement like the Como Lappato Finish Porcelain Tiles. Their large format design and statement markings ooze distinct character and transform your wall or floor into a work of art.

Como Lappato Finish Porcelain Tiles

Como Lappato Finish Porcelain Tiles

Combine with white or neutral decor for a chic, contemporary finish, as is done so perfectly with the Como Covelano tile above. After all, with such dramatic tile designs there’s not much need for bold accessories and furniture as Como Lappato Tiles add all the statement you need.

Minimalist Decor

From the statement to the minimalist…

As we’ve seen with our Como Lappato Finish Tiles, large format tiles are more than capable of creating a statement. Therefore, let your tiles be your centrepiece and keep your decor as low key as possible. You’ll be surprised how much this not only expands your space but also creates a de-cluttered, tranquil atmosphere!

Amalfi Matt Finish Porcelain Tiles

Amalfi Matt Finish Porcelain Tiles

Take the Amalfi Matt Finish Porcelain Tiles, for example. Their veining and markings are more than enough statement for one room meaning the crackling fire, greenery, lounge chair and coffee table are all the accessories you need.

Light and Airy

If you’re working with a smaller room, ensuring your decor is bright and airy is key to creating light and ensuring you don’t feel too closed in.


Conisbrough Arundel Porcelain Floor and Wall Tiles

Conisbrough Arundel Porcelain Floor and Wall Tiles

Conisbrough Arundel Porcelain Floor and Wall Tiles are perfect for creating such spacious decor. It goes without saying that the large format design expands the space, but, when combined with the white ‘Arundel’ colour the effect is tenfold, drastically expanding spaces and creating a bright, spacious atmosphere. Use on both walls and floors for an even greater effect!

A Natural Sanctuary

We’re all looking for a relaxing escape so why not transform your room into a natural sanctuary with the Imperial Duchess Lappato Porcelain Tiles. 

Imperial Duchess Lappato Porcelain Tiles

Imperial Duchess Lappato Porcelain Tiles

The mix of cream and white shades and the unique markings perfectly replicate natural stone and helps to bring the outside world in. Try combining with neutral accessories and furniture to create the perfect natural hideaway in your home.

Luxury Lappato

Nothing quite helps to expand your space like large format tiles with a lappato finish. Take the Icon Charcoal Porcelain Tiles, for example.

Icon Charcoal Porcelain Floor and Wall Tiles

Icon Charcoal Porcelain Tiles

The gloss finish helps to reflect light which when combined with the large size can transform even the smallest rooms into light and spacious spaces, or at least create the illusion of it!

We hope our large format tiles have given you some useful ideas on how to expand your space. Browse our range of tiles now and contact our retailers for more information.