How should you choose your tile retailer?

Tokyo Mosaic Wall Tiles

The tile market is bustling, with new tile retailers popping up across the country. With so much choice it can be daunting finding the perfect tile retailer for you. With years of experience working with leading tile retailers up and down the country we’ve put together our top tips for choosing your tile retailer.

All about the tile

It may seem obvious to point out but your chosen floor or wall tile should be your priority. When working with customers we often find that they’ve fallen in love with their tile, and with such stunning options available we can hardly blame them!

Imperial Duchess Lappato Porcelain Tiles

Imperial Duchess Lappato Porcelain Tiles

The tile colour, style and finish have all been specifically chosen to match a customer’s new kitchen, bathroom or interior space. Therefore, we would say don’t compromise your tile for the sake of your tile retailer. Choose your tile first and then find a selection of tile retailers to see if they stock it. That way, whichever tile retailer you choose you’re still guaranteed to walk out with your chosen tile in hand instead of feeling constant regret that you compromised on the natural finish rather than the lappato finish of your dreams.

Distance matters

Although most tile retailers deliver the length and breadth of the UK, we always think it’s best to find a tile retailer that’s close to you, hence why our ‘find a retailer’ tool works based on your location.

Having a tile retailer that is near to you allows you to visit the store and view your chosen tile in person or receive expert advice from their in-store team. It also gives you the option that, should something go wrong with your order, you can pop in store and resolve it with a member of their team quickly and easily.

Try before you buy

Sometimes you think you’ve found your perfect tile online but when it arrives it doesn’t quite fit with the style of your room. Or maybe you’re unsure about the finish, colour or size of your chosen tile.

Find a retailer that offers a tile sample service where you can receive a sample of your chosen tile to see if it is right for your room or project. That way you’ll know that your tile choice will be perfect once it is delivered

Tokyo Mosaic Wall Tiles

Tokyo Mosaic Wall Tiles


All of our tile retailers share our passion for tiles and place the customer at the heart of all their transactions. Therefore, when finding a retailer from Full Circle Ceramics you know you’re in safe hands.

Now you’ve read our top tips, we hope you enjoy finding your perfect tile and retailer from Full Circle Ceramics.